The Breath of Life

Dear readers, I began to toy with the idea of practicing yoga a couple of years ago. I’m ashamed to admit that it took me two years to begin breathing life into myself through this ancient practice because I was always making excuses.

Until I began  restorative yoga.

My three  go to positions  are soft fish (opens chest muscles and relaxes the upper back), supported frog (fosters a sense of safety and ease), and legs on a chair (helps venous drainage, improves circulation, and soothes cramped and swollen feet). The best part of them all is that they quiet and calm my mind. I’m forever grateful for finding an article Lori J Batcheller wrote and which I stumbled upon while waiting in my neurologist’s office, that featured these three positions.

I’m just going to say that “it’s addictive”!

I get up at five in the morning, when the house is quite and at peace and practice mindful and restorative yoga while listening to my favorite meditations on Spotify.

I tune my lungs and just let life flow inside me. Life can’t get better than this.

I’ve come to understand that there is no thing as big changes in our lifestyles if small and attainable intentions are not set in place.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember accept and love yourself just as you are. Hasta pronto!

It’s Easier Said Than Done

Sorry, but it’s taken me a bit more effort than I thought it would.

For starters, if I’m writing about staying fit despite my Myasthenia than I better be able to do the work.

yoga 1 _ Article about yoga
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I’m working on an article about yoga, not only to let others know, but to put in the work and do what needs to be done.  It’s not that we are always  going to ask others to cut some slack on us  because we live with a chronic illness.

We need to put in our best effort if we are trying something new, like in this instance yoga, to know if we can benefit from it on  a short and/or  long term.  I think changes are meant to be done on a long term  because that way we don’t get discouraged if we don’t see immediate results.

For starters, my first “AH!!!!” came rushing into the picture  when I read that Pranayama (breath control)  yoga was good for us.  My first thought was,

“I have trouble breathing sometimes as it is, I don’t need to add stress in that department.”

Which made me  scratch it off  my short list without even giving  it a second glance.

But, since it continues to show up each time I look into Kundalini yoga,  I am going to give it a shot.

Nevertheless my writing about all these  hard to pronounce yoga types, I haven’t finished getting all my information together.  Not for the sake of writing an article, but to put into practice the concept and actually giving it a chance and letting my readers know how it went for me.  So, others can try to it to.

For now what I’m working on is my posture, staying as straight as possible and giving my diaphragm a much needed break.

You can say it’s a getting ready thing.

So my readers, don’t forget that each day we get to live is one that we own.  Never let others push your voice down (even if they love you tons), because in the long shot we are the ones that really know ourselves.

Plan your life because it’s yours and only yours,  and find meaning and purpose in each day reaching out to others. When we give it a try, it’s pretty amazing.

I invite you to come along on my quest for wellness not only of my body, but most importantly of my soul.